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          Process flow of resin sand casting equipment

          • 2020-05-27
          • 319

          After pouring, the sand box and the casting are hoisted by the crane to the inertial vibration shakeout machine. After shakeout treatment, the casting is transported to the cleaning shop and the sand box is transported to the sand box warehouse for later use. Large pieces of cleat, riser by manual sorting, through the shakeout grid sand, sand and small cold iron to magnetic separation belt machine, after magnetic separation to the multifunctional vibration crushing reclaimer for crushing, membrane, screening, after screening sand into 1 # bucket elevator, the elevator up to the rotor of the centrifugal secondary reclaimer for strong regeneration, fully to take off the membrane. The recycled sand mixed with micro powder, dust and resin film flows through the flow sand chute into the flow curtain air separator. The air separator is connected with the cyclone dust collector and the pulsed back blow dust collector to remove the micro powder and dust. The reclaimed sand is then lifted to the sand bin by a 2# bucket elevator for standby use.

          The feed inlet of the mobile double-arm continuous resin sand mixing machine is connected with the sand outlet at the bottom of the sand bank by the pneumatic gate. Press the sand mixing box of the sand mixing machine and press the button. The pneumatic gate will open automatically and a certain amount of sand will flow into the sand mixing machine from the sand bank.

          In the sand mixing machine, the sand is transported forward to the beginning end of sand mixing through spiral plates, and the curing agent is added to the control valve at the proximal end. After the small blades are stirred and premixed to the proximal valve at the back, resin is added to the end of sand mixing. The curing agent, resin and reclaimed sand are thoroughly mixed and then sent to the front discharge port and automatically flow into the prepared sand box for molding and core-making.


          Period 2020.05.27



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