Sustainable fashion is a topic that is not talked about enough in my opinion.  If I am being honest, I grew up believing that fashion should be a personal expression (which it totally should be!) and that was about it. As I outgrew my clothes, they were mostly handed down to my sister, and I never thought about were my clothes would go after that.

Over the past couple of years I have been in the pursuit of educating myself on what happens to the clothes I wear, and when I do let go of garments, I am very conscious of where they are going.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Fibers Initiative Report, there has been a steady decline in the number of items a clothing item is worn, as well as a steady growth in clothing sales since the year 2000. Which in turn makes me question,  is this due to the availability of fast fashion and the ever-changing fashion trends?

The report points out 4 key points to create a new textile economy being:

  1. Phase out dangerous chemical substance and microfibre release into our oceans
  2. Increase the use clothing ( I think this is a key component!)
  3. Improve recycling systems
  4. Effectively use our resources and move towards renewable source inputs

As consumers (myself included), we should be aware of how much power we have to affect everything around us. I’d like to make a decision for this upcoming year to be more mindful of the clothes that I am wearing and where they are going. Maybe instead of buying new, buy second hand – buy upcycled.

I love embellishing my own clothes, and personalization — this is a path I’d like to explore further. I want to take clothes that are unwanted and turn them into a beautiful piece that can be loved again. Below is a piece that I’ve embellished. As I make more pieces I am thinking of starting my own little shop and selling the upcycled creations on the blog  — what do you guys think?!




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