Architecture can be experienced in all kinds of mediums – photography, drawing, film, and more increasingly social media. Recently I’ve been loving discovering new work and projects through Instagram. Instagram is an amazing platform to share projects, and have it instantly recognized by others.

Instagram is such a great platform to view the architecture that is present in other parts of the world, follow the amazing travels of architects, and view the work of architecture students.





I love keeping up with this account. It has a range of work, from public installations, student work features, social issues, or technological advancements in architecture. It is a great account to follow for daily inspiration!



Love to keep up with this account for the latest exhibition news, and events! Also makes for a great source of inspiration!



Although this account is not strictly architectural its features design works from the a wide range of mediums!



Ricardo Bofill is one of my favorite architects, and his surreal works of architecture are a daily source of inspiration.



I love circles. This account is a great way to learn about circular spaces as the name suggests, and an amazing collection of drawings, that I am excited to continue to follow!


Do you have any favorite architecture instagram accounts?!

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