New Year, New Series! That’s how it goes right?! Lately I’ve been feeling inspired to create new content for the blog, this is one of the new series, in which I will explore the work of designers that I look up to, starting off with Charles and Ray Eames.

They may be mostly known for their iconic Eames Chair, but their work ranged from architecture, furniture design, and film. The design is clean and modern with the use of different textures; wood and leather.


I’ve always known and respected them for their work, up until recently when I discovered the amazing personal relationship they both shared. Take a peek below at their handwritten letters below!

I think I fell in love with them after reading these letters, I could read them over and over again.


The Eames House has become an icon of modern architecture. Designed by both Charles and Ray, it was constructed in 1949, in Los Angeles and became their home as well as studio space.

I have not visited the house…yet! But it is on list of places to visit. The interior is incredible. The Eames House is also considered a historical national landmark.


Overall I’m fascinated by their work, but I’m even more intrigued by the relationship they shared! The design must have been incredible as they were able to bounce ideas off one another, and critique each other’s work along the process.

Can you say goals!?

Do you have any favorite designers?! Let me know!




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